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Jacquie Lawson studied to become an illustrator. Now she reached the stage of designing some of the most popular e-cards. She started off by drawing an animated Christmas card back in 2000. After emailing it to a few of her friends, she received requests from hundreds of people all over the world to make more. Hence, she developed her own business which it’s still growing. Now, people can download her work using the Jacquie Lawson e-cards service. The website was launched in February 2002.

Since traditional paper cards are no longer in style, you should take a look at Jacquie Lawson’s e-cards. Their incredible design might convince you to start up an account. If you want to express the appreciation and the love for your friends or relatives, you can send them one of these e-cards. This article on OnlineLoginGuides will help you learn how to set up an account and start using the platform.

Forget about searching for the perfect paper card, stamps and then the mailbox. Now you have the chance to enjoy premium quality with Jacquie Lawson e-cards. The website provides beautiful e-cards with incredible imagery layered with graphic elements and video. Users also have calendar options and can set a reminder tool. Therefore, if setting up an account with Jacquie Lawson, will no longer have to worry that you will forget birthdays. Furthermore, the platform is easy to use and the prices-great. You can find affordable e-cards for your family and friends. Keep in mind the fact that the subscription model is here to replace your common box of cards.

How to Access Your Jacquie Lawson Account

If you want to learn how to set up an account, you have to follow certain steps. First, log on by clicking the “Log On” button in the top right corner of the site’s page. Enter your email address and the password. In case a welcome message pops up, it means that you are already logged on and you may start searching for the perfect e-card.

After logging on, the hunt begins. Select the card you want to send. You should know that the website’s page will show you shortcuts to the most popular cards and the most recent ones. Furthermore, you will also find some links to different category pages. Before sending anything, you should have a look at the card you have chosen. Click “Preview this Card” and you will see that it will open up in a different window or tab.

After previewing, the next step is to click “Send this card”. You can also complete a card with a message and then click the Preview button to see how it fits. Even if numerous cards have several captions and greetings’ options, you can still personalize it. Choose the favorite caption that suits the occasion. Above the box where you have entered your message, there is an option with the label “Select Greeting”. You should click on that small arrow and then choose a caption.

The Jacquie Lawson Membership

If you are already a member, you will see an orange menu bar near the top of the main page. That menu includes My Details, Address Book, Cards Pending, Card History and Order History. “My Details” is the place where your personal information is saved, such as your email address, name, and postal address. Furthermore, you will be able to set options to get an automatic renewal of the membership.

The “Address Book” represents a list of email addresses and names of your family and friends. This makes it easier to send the e-cards. Furthermore, you can fill in everyone’s birthday and you will automatically receive a weekly reminder before each birthday. This way, you will have enough time to choose and send the perfect e-card. The “Cards Pending” button keeps a list of ordered cards that are not sent yet.

“Card History” keeps track of all the e-cards sent in the past. It makes sure that you won’t send the same e-card twice to the same person. The “Order History” button shows other products you have purchased from this website, allowing to manage the un-redeemed gifts and change the recipients.

It is not hard to access your Jacquie Lawson account if you follow the provided instructions step by step. This will be easier if paying for a membership. A paid account offers a lot more benefits, such as the card history and the birthdays saved in the calendar. It will help you not to forget about someone’s birthday and send a suitable e-card right on time.

Tips on How You Can Access Your Jacquie Lawson Account - SaveDelete (2024)
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