(PDF) 95/02109 Computation of temperatures and stresses of fluid-conducting pipes on the basis of the temperature variation on the outer surface - DOKUMEN.TIPS (2024)

16 Fuel science and technology (tindsmentsl science, analysis, instrumentation)

g5/020% Uss of alkalino fly aah as an ??mondmant for awlns manun Vincini, M. et aL, BiorcFourcc Technolo~, 1994, 49, Alkaline fly ash was characterized for the leaching potenti and minor constituents. and then added to swine maure at 10% and 2 w/v ratio. The irdluen& of fly ash on microbial production of CO, was studid during a 12day ex+mental period. pH, ammonium- and total N, organic C, available 8, avadable and more refracto fractions of P, K, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn were determined on the fly as x -amended manwe. On the basis of the results, it a

BP” ars

which occwrcd in the amen that the reduction in CO, production

ed manure was probably due to the_ hi@ pH values of the manure caused by fly ash addition, rather than to an mlubihon of microbial activity and respuatlon.

%mo% Vltriffcatlon of rsslduss Warmer Bulletin, Feb. 1995, (441, p. 24.

Short note on a recent US blicatlon dealing with combustion residues by the ASMENS Bureau of &es.

95/02100 Working for a ckaner burn Morris, T. A and Vecci, S. J. MPS, Modern Power Systems, Dec. 1994, 14, (12), 33-35. Reports that Babco*ck Bt Wilcox has constructed a state-of-the-art tes!facil- ity that will integrate combustion and post-combustion testin capabtibes. An important role of this facility is that it will enhance B&W s capabilities to provide the products and processes that are needed to meet the require- ments of the USA Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and future regula- tions on air toxics.

%I021 01 World dlnctory of snvlronmsntal organlsationa Earthscan Publications, 120 Pentonville Rooci, London Nl OJA? f40.00.


Fundamental Science, Analysis, Instrumentation

95/02102 Ana sir of gallium In rock-coal by XRF L$, hf. 1 Huancc S & 1993,34, (7,328-330, (In Fese) DIED a study of the determmauon of gallmm 111 coal by an XRF

%/02102 Appllcatlon of a UV-curlng rssln to hydrodynamic atudiss In porous msdla $ZZ~anlS. E. et al., Id. Eng. Chem. Res., Aug. 1994, 33, (8),

Laboratoi techniques which have been applied to visualization of flow and transport in porous media include light transmission, matched index of refraction methods, NMR techniques, and use of epoxies. Within the pre- sent studv. a commercisllv available UV-curinn resin is anulied to caohu- ing trans~rt behaviour in’ porous media. This-technique * ’ ovides seieral capabiliues including rapid solidification of soil stmcture/ ff- md distribution at preselected locations without stopping flow and the ability to cure the structure of fluid interfaces. This resin holds promise to enhance the ability to study flow and transport through porous media, including the study of oarticle transnort. hvdrodvnamic disoersion. fluid distribution in multi- ihase flow, ahd &$&g-during b&ration.

%I02104 BMS hsl s BT to mob the right connactlons Enerp ln Buildings & ndustry, Nov.-Dec. 1994,13, (lo)! p. 70. P

Describes how a Slebe building management system is helpmg ensure that BT’s Madley Communications Centre in Herefordshire operates smoothly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

%I021 05 CARS tempsraturs msasursmenta In s Sasol- and msthanol-furllsd internal combustion englns Ball, D. et al., S. Afr. J. Sci, 1994, 90, (6), 343-347. The temperature inside the cylinder pf a MeOH-fue1e.d and Sel-fueled

measured by coherent anu- tokes Raman spectrosco single-cylinder msearcb tnp runmng under lmock$gs$o~;&‘a

sure was measured with a piexoelectric transducer. duced by Fischer-Tr alcohol-rich camp aXch

e Sasol fuelt+ pro- and related refining processes, are olefimc and

with conventional petroleum fuels. The results can be used for eneralized chemical modelling of engine knock, or two-zone modelling o f * m-cylinder combustion.

%I02106 Charactarlzatlon of gol&,nucksr aromatk sulfur hstrrocycles In a co+ sxtract by C 8 ‘v%+&~,$. et al., Ranbao Huanre Xuebao, 1994, 22, (2), 196-202. (In

Bslo2107 Charactrrlutlon of tha flow transition bstwssn bubbling and turbulent fluidlzation Ch3~lx;g~ A. er al., Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., Aug. 1994, 33, (8),

A lot of coitmversy exists in the literature on the actual boundaries of the turbulent regime in gas-solid fluidixation. The work in this that this disagreement results from the

per shows q ta?techniques

used. It is found that the onset of turbulent e of experimen uidization is at lJ$ and that the

velocity U, which has often been reported in the literature, I an ardfact due to the use of differential pressure transducers. to settle the dispute.

The aim of the paper is

%I021 08 The cod0 IVA 4: ModelIn of momentum conawva- tlon In multi-phasa muttlcompom rl! porous madla

flows In hstorogonsous

Kolev, N. 1. Kerntechni&, Nov. 1994, 59, (6), 249-258. The heterogeneous porous body concept together with local volume and time averaging are used to derive rigorously momentum equations for multi-base flows conditionally divided into three velocity fields. All inter- face integrals are suitably transformed in order to enable practical applica- tion. Some minor simplifications are introduced in the finally obtained general equation, and working equations for each of the three velocity fields are recommended for general use in multi-phase fluid dynamic analysis

95K)21% Computstlon of temperatures and atrsssss of fluld- conducting plpss on the bask of the trmpsratun varlatlon on the outer surfaca Sauer, G. Kerntechnic, Nov. 1994, 59, (6), 282-290. (In German) A method for calculating the wall temperature of cylindrical bodies on fhe basis of the temperature variation on the outer surface is presented. The method uses a o-ne-dimensional discretixation of the pipe -wall with heat conducting elements and a modified solution of the equation of heat con- duction. It is shown that the temperature fields can be calculated with a simple finite-clement procedure provided the thermal loads are axisym- metric. The modification of the solution procedure ends up in an alprithm for the time integration of the equation of heat conduction. Additionally, formulas for the calculation of the thermal strurses are given.

%I021 10 Convective heat transfer for cold tubs bundles wlth Ice formatlons In a strsam of watsr st stsady stats Internann, P. A. and Kazmiercxak, M. Int. J. of Heat & Fluid F&w, Dec. 1994, 15, (6). 491-500. Experiments were conducted on cold-tube banks subjected to a cross-flow of water. The tubes were internally cooled below the freezing temperature and became enveloped in ice. The resulting ice shapes, which formed on the outside surfaces of the tubes, were allowed to stabllixc, and their im act on the total steady-state rate of energy exchange between the tubes an : the flowing water was investigated.

%I021 11 Coupling of wall conductlon with natural convsc- tlondominatsd msltlng of a phass change matsrlal J-arooi hf. Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A, Oct. 1994, 26, (4),

Over the’ past decade, solid-liquid phase change in enclosures with natural convection in the liquid base has received increasing research attention. The interest for this prob em stems from its large number of a P lications, among which are energy storage systems using latent heat of &on. The intent of this paper is to report on a computational study of natural convec- tion-dominated melting inside a rectangular enclosure from a vertical wall of finite conductance. A mathematical model is formulated, and a numeri- cal procedure is developed to solve the model quations.

%I02112 Curnnt status of FTIR In the snaiysls of coal rtlUCtUrS Painter. P. et aL. Prenr. Patdm. Cha Sot.. Div. Fuel Chem., 1994.39, (l), 49:63. . ’ - Discusses the Fourier-transform IR spectroscopy as a method for determi- nation of the aliohatic and aromatic contents of coal and coal-derived materials. Topics’include: band assignments, sampling, curve resolution, accuracy, and use of phenolic resins as coal models.

95102113 Datsrmlnatlon of asphaltone solublllty in naphthas Selucky, M. L et al., Fuel, Jan. 1995, 74, (l), 88-91. Thin-layer chromatography with flame-ionixation detection and paper chromatography with densitometric evaluation can be used for determimng relative asphaltene (ASP) solubility in naphthas. While tetrabydrofursn (THF) moves the ASP with the solvent front, the pattern becomes pgres- sively more diffuse and s read along the bed with mcmasing proportions of the tested naphtha in #I e THF eluent. Quantitative evaluation can be achieved using area:slicing of the integrator output and cumulative plotting of the results. Admutures of a known pure precipitant (e.g. n-pentam, n- hexane) can be used for calibration.

142 Fuel and Ensrgy Abstracts March lgN5

(PDF) 95/02109 Computation of temperatures and stresses of fluid-conducting pipes on the basis of the temperature variation on the outer surface - DOKUMEN.TIPS (2024)
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