Ironman money making guide (2024)

MethodRequirementsCategoryDescriptionCollecting bronze chainbodiesYesNoneCollectingA bronze chainbody spawns to the north of Boot. Pick one up, hop worlds, and repeat. Then sell 1–3 to the general store to the north-east and just south of Nurmof and hop again.Collecting iron swords in Shayzien' weapon shopYesNoneCollectingThere is a free iron sword in Briget's Weapons store in Shayzien that will sell there for 54 coins for each world hop. This is more coins per hour than collecting and selling bronze chainbodies.Collecting steel platebodiesMaybeFoodCollectingThe Lava Maze is located in level 40–45 Wilderness and contains a steel platebody and staff of earth spawn. This method is widely known by most ironmen and is often camped out by them along with player killers. Steel platebodies can then be sold to general stores for 800 coins, to Horvik's Armour Shop in Varrock for 1,200 coins, or high alched for 1,200 coins.

An easier and safer alternative of this method would be to collect steel platelegs in the Eastern Ruins (level 25–28 Wilderness). Players can bring a looting bag and hop worlds until getting a full inventory and looting bag of steel platelegs. Steel platelegs can be sold to general stores for 400 coins, to Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar for 650 coins, or high alched for 600 coins.

This method is not recommended for hardcore ironmen, since players are at risk of being killed by player killers in the Wilderness.

This is generally not viable for ultimate ironmen except in the start of a playthrough when you have few items to risk.

Cutting gems at a gem shopYes 20 , 27 recommended to cut emeraldsSkilling/shopsPlayers may buy uncut gems from a gem shop, cut the gems, and then sell the cut gems back to the shop for a fair amount of profit. This moneymaker does not require going into the Wilderness, it has low requirements, it is a medium level of click-intensiveness, and players may travel to other gem shops if the one they have been using seems to have a low stock of gems in most worlds. This method does have drawbacks: It is based on luck somewhat, since the stores' stock is based on the activity of other players in the game. If many other players are buying/selling gems, you will have to hop more, and you will get less experience and gold per hour. In testing over a 5-minute period, buying 1 sapphire and 1 emerald, cutting them, then selling them each after hopping worlds and buying more, an average rate of 90,000 coins per hour and 24,000 Crafting experience per hour was achieved. However, the shops' stock did not seem to replenish emeralds fast enough, to sustain the method over an hour period.Fletching willow shortbowsYes 35+ , 30+ , 10 SkillingFletching and Woodcutting level fairly fast, are very low intensity, are quite useful, and are required several times through quests. A way to produce some decent money is by fletching the highest available bow fully completing them. Afterwards, any bows created can be high alched or sold to general stores.Stealing from H.A.M. Store roomsYes with alch 20 , food, completed at least half of Death to the DorgeshuunSkillingAfter completing half of Death to the Dorgeshuun, players have access to the H.A.M. Store rooms. There, one is able to pickpocket guards that commonly give keys to chests which provide fairly good jewellery. Bank or high alch the loot obtained and make sure to save some of the emerald rings and sapphire necklaces for personal use. This is considered the best low level method for ironmen and is highly recommended.

(wearing full H.A.M. robes helps reduce the chance of being kicked out when in the H.A.M. Hideout, but players will never be kicked out in the storeroom area so rogue equipment is recommended to potentially double the rate of keys).

Stealing silkNo 20 SkillingSilk can be stolen from the stalls in the Ardougne market. After waiting 20 minutes the stolen silk can be sold to the silk merchant (located in the market) for 60 coins each.Selling cats for death runesYesGertrude's Cat quest, easy Ardougne diary, 9 fish.CollectingCats can be traded in for 200 death runes each in West Ardougne (100 death runes before completition of the easy tasks of Ardougne Diary). Raising a kitten to adulthood requires three hours and 9 fish. Every 20 minutes, interact with the kitten, stroke it twice, and use a fish on it. Once it is fully grown, you can trade it to a civilian in West Ardougne for 200 death runes. Assuming you would buy the runes for 200 coins each, this saves you 40,000 coins, or about 13,300 coins an hour.

This method is especially useful while using AFK training methods such as fletching or sand crabs, as it gives you an income boost with less than five minutes of time invested.

Agility PyramidYes 30 ( 70+ recommended)MinigameThe Agility Pyramid can be unlocked at 30 Agility, however, 70 is recommended as obstacle fail rates are drastically reduced. Players can make up to around 200,000 coins per hour.

Because most of the activity involves running around, you may want to bring supplies to train other skills, such as high alching noted items or fletching darts.

This method requires no banking and does not suffer greatly from not having an empty inventory. It is one of the most reliable methods for early game.

Selling runes from Guardians of the Rift to Ali MorrisaneYes 27 , completion of Temple of the Eye and Rogue TraderSkillingGuardians of the Rift is an efficient Runecraft method which yields a large number of valuable catalytic runes. Starting at level 27 you can make runes and gain rewards from the Guardians of the Rift minigame, these can then be sold to Ali Morrisane's rune shop for coins. These runes are also useful for early game magic training and teleports. Nature, chaos, law and blood runes can be gained as a reward from the minigame and sell for good profit. You can expect around 30,000 Runecraft experience per hour, and around 60,000 coins per hour. This will increase further as you unlock the ability to craft high tier catalytic runes.

Note that the Runecraft level requirements can be gained from the Enter the Abyss and Temple of the Eye quest.

Giants' FoundryYesSleeping Giants, 15 up to iron, 30 up to steelSkilling/shopsDepending on the alloys used, the Giants' Foundry minigame can make a profit or a loss of coins and give a good amount of Smithing experience when buying equipment from shops for it but players can also use leftover bars and unneeded equipment. The cheapest equipment to buy for their bar input are claws, so mithril claws from Jatizso's Weapons galore would reduce the cost of bars used for combinations involving mithril. But to profit from Giants' Foundry using purchased equipment alone, it's recommended to buy bronze + iron equipment ( 15 Smithing) or iron + steel equipment ( 30 Smithing), and buying better moulds for your Smithing level will increase profit.

Ultimate ironmen or any early-game ironmen can run to Al Kharid (or teleport via rings of dueling) to buy 7 bronze + 7 iron platelegs/plateskirts or 7 iron + 7 steel platelegs/plateskirts, or more if inventory space allows it.

  • Tip: Bringing 11 iron + 11 steel (4 extras of each) in one trip and 10 iron + 10 steel (3 extras of each) in the next trip will allow one more additional round every 2 trips; just make sure not to overfill the crucible. After pouring the crucible into the mould, re-fill the rest of the crucible with your remaining equipment to reduce weight and to get a headstart for that additional round.
    • Note: Scimitars in Al Kharid may have a cheaper value per bar input than platelegs/plateskirts but it's quicker to get a stack of platelegs/plateskirts of each alloy than it is to get a stack of 14 scimitars, and scimitars would waste more space that would be unideal for ultimate ironmen to carry in their limited inventory space. Any combination of platelegs/plateskirt past iron + steel from these shops will end up in a loss of coins.
  • Alternative: With a chronicle in hand and a decent stack of coins, an ultimate ironman can teleport to Varrock, buy a full inventory of iron platebodies and steel platebodies (3:4 ratio) and minigame teleport back to the Giants' Foundry (or ring of dueling teleport to PvP Arena if on cooldown), while other ironmen can bank them. This will allow more rounds per trip. For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Smithing § Levels 30–99: Giants' Foundry.
High alching rune arrows from Last Man StandingYes 55 , 44 recommended, staff of fire.MinigameLast Man Standing is a PvP minigame with no requirements and no risk of death. Justine's shop sells a stack of 300 rune arrows for 3 points, which can be high alched for 240 coins each. Teleport to the Ferox Enclave using a ring of dueling and join the competitive lobby. Kill one player inside the game, then hide from other players by staying in a corner of the map or going upstairs inside a building (not the wooden towers). Wait until there are three players remaining, then run towards the safe zone. The remaining two players will be too busy fighting to kill you, and once one of the final two players die, you can either run into the lethal fog or let the final player kill you. By using this strategy, you will come in second or third place and earn 4 or 3 points a game.

Players who do not wish to gain combat experience, like Skillers, may opt to purchase 350 adamant arrows per LMS point instead, and sell the arrows to Brian in Rimmington. This process can be somewhat tedious, as players can only sell 50 arrows per world, in order to find a balance between speed and profit. For example, if a player had 13,000 arrows or so to sell, they would need to hop worlds around 270 times in order to sell all of them. Selling 350 adamant arrows (costing 1 LMS point) to Brian (by hopping to 7 different worlds) yields 7,112 coins.

Once you've purchased a stack of 300 arrows, you can immediately buy 300 nature runes at an average of 200 coins each and alch the stack for a profit of 12,000 coins. As this profit is unimpressive, the better method is to runecraft the nature runes at the Nature Altar, then use the free runes to alch the stack for a profit of 72,000 coins. Assuming 6 Last Man Standing points and 600 nature runes an hour, this equates to 144,000 coins an hour.

As the stack can be alched while performing other activities such as the Agility Pyramid, this method offers a convenient way to increase your coin stack while also gaining decent magic experience.

Ironman money making guide (2024)
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